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Go from stressing about money to building your dreams.

A place where you are controlling money & it’s no longer controlling you!

You Don’t Get to Live Life Without Dealing With Money.…
It Impacts Every Area of Your Life

How You Spend Money …
                How You Save Money ….
How You Invest Money …
              How You Protect Money 

Together these EQUAL = Your Lifestyle

Debra’s NUMBER #1 mission is to support you in finding clarity while being more purposeful in your interactions with money. Ensuring your ability to live your dreams!

Money….what a touchy subject!! If you don’t have enough, you are a loser. If you have too much you are a greedy “So and So”. No way to win!

How would you know how much money is enough for you?  

You weren’t taught how to manage, budget, invest, or, for that matter, how to protect your money.

It’s NOT your fault! 

You graduate from school and they turn us out into the world and say… “Get going, be a success, and make lots of money.”  That is the extent of guidance you receive.You go to work, maybe start a business, and then think…. I have a good life.

BUT….each day you can't help but wonder....do I really have enough?

You are constantly asking yourself…

It doesn't have to be this way!

Let me tell you about my client Sarah

Sarah was sitting in her office taking care of the stack of papers her assistant had left on her desk. She opened the news to see how things were going with this Financial Crisis everyone was talking about. 

The news seemed horrid. People were losing their jobs. Their stocks were crashing. But…it hadn’t affected her town. She was so grateful that her world seemed protected from all these financial meltdowns. 

Sarah’s team arrived and they had their morning greetings and hellos. Everyone got to work on their tasks and all seemed just like a normal day at the office.  

Then it happened…All HELL broke lose! 

Sarah looked up from her desk and said, “What’s happening?”     

The others turned to her and said, “What? What are you talking about?”      

She looked at them wide-eyed and frightened. Then she said it…”There’s complete SILENCE. The phones aren’t ringing. It feels like we are working in a mourge instead of a real estate office. What just happened? NO ONE is calling!” 

That is the day the reality rang loud and clear. The nightmare had begun and nothing could STOP IT! Everyone in her town thought they had missed the gut-wrenching money crisis that had gripped the rest of the world. But, today, it had arrived in her town!  

Devastated, like everyone else she clamored to try to figure out how to survive.  Her head raced with fear…every nerve in her body tightening…she thought she was going to have a heart attack! How would she meet payroll? How would she pay her mortgage? What would happen to her family? Good God, would there be any money left? How long would this last? She collapsed into a pile of tears. 

Why hadn’t she been more careful with her money? She had all good intentions…but she hadn’t saved. She was all too busy living life and thinking that the flow of cash would just keep coming.   

This couldn’t be happening!

 And as bad as those first few days were…it was only the beginning.  

The economy would not fully recover for several years. Her income dropped 45% and stayed down 45% for the next two years. In the end, she was left drained…emotionally and financially.

She would have never thought to plan for this!

Sarah vowed to herself at that exact moment she would learn about money and never, ever, again would she be assaulted by any economic downturn, stock market crash, or the ever-changing political environment. She had to rely on herself going forward.  

She committed to herself that she would never live through this kind of nerve-racking, not sleeping at night, money-draining hell again!

Are you ready to MAKE SURE this never happens to you?

Today Sarah, after following the “90 Days to Financial Clarity” program has her finances on a whole new level.  She is more confident than ever!

*NOW…She knows where her money goes every month.  

*NOW…Sarah has a plan giving her proof she is on track each day, each month, each quarter, and throughout the entire year.   

*NOW…She has her Safety-Net savings set to a personal amount that assures her ease of mind. 

 *NOW…Sarah has stock and real estate investments that make sense to her and continues to grow her income to levels she originally never thought were possible.   

Sarah was hesitant in the beginning, just like you may be, and wondered if the “90 Days to Financial Clarity” Program was for her.  

Rest assured, she cannot begin to express her gratitude for the program and her new life!

Is the “90-Day to Financial Clarity” program right for you?

Are you still wondering?

Does the list below describe you?

  1. You ‌truly desire to build a better financial life for you and your family…

  2. You are worn out from feeling money tension and strife…

  3. You ‌know that the only way to make your dreams happen is to take action, and not quit until you’ve achieved them… 

If this list describes you,
Don't Wait…START NOW!

I designed "90 Days to Financial Clarity" specifically for YOU.

Still wondering if this program works? See for yourself what clients are saying!

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“I could hardly manage my own money and affairs. Basically – I was a mess with my money – from my beliefs to my bank accounts.Debra is like an angel with answers. She is solid on all the money stuff inside and out, knows her own sweet spot, and is able to gently (but firmly) sort things out.”
Elli O.
Pharmaceutical Sales
“This work with Debra has helped me to feel confident and capable with my money decisions and now I feel more and more empowered everyday with how I use my financial abundance. I feel Debra always has my back and encourages me as I grow into the person I want to be.”
Jason B.
Real Estate Agent
“We now have a fund to plan for our bigger joyful events for ourselves. We plan for personal purchases within reason and feel so much better about buying things that feel like indulgences. We have implemented not discussing budget or finances during meal time. We have learned, we have ‘enough’ to live comfortable on our current income.”
Ari S.

Get ready to tap into the knowledge and the successful system that has brought Debra’s clients great success.

“90 Days to Financial Clarity” is an easy-to-use, effective, and life-changing program.

Time to enjoy your new-found life that ignites your passions, dreams & desires!

Financial Confidence is Headed Your Way...you just need to take that first step.

Remember, growth is a choice

I'm READY to have Financial Clarity and Confidence!

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